Why Ragdolls Are The Perfect Choice

ClassAct Achilles
ClassAct Achilles at 6 months and 12 pounds
Seal Mitted

The Ragdoll was first recognized as a pure breed in 1965, and originated from a white Angora-type Persian named "Josephine". One of her kittens, "Daddy Warbucks" was bred to a sable Burmese-type cat, and the resulting offspring were the beginning of the large and very beautiful Ragdolls of today.

Exceptionally gentle and easy to handle, Ragdolls have a well-balanced temperament. Friendly, affectionate, playful and intelligent, their sweet dispositions lead them to easily adjust to other pets and people. Ragdolls will follow wherever you go, just to be near you, and can be trained to sit, shake paws, walk on a leash, give "kisses" or ride in a car. They earn their name because, like a child's "ragdoll" toy, these cats relax and go limp in your arms.

Inside Cat

(Please note: Due to this breed's docile temperament, it is not wise to leave them unattended out of doors.)

QGCA ClassAct Pharoh
Seal Mitted

Quadruple Grand Champion Alter ClassAct Pharoh
RFCI 6th Best Ragdoll Alter 98-99
RFCI 7th Best Ragdoll Alter 97-98

Ragdolls have Personality Plus:

  • Love to be held and snuggled
  • Easily adapt into new surroundings, even with dogs and/or cats
  • 'Rag Out' (go limp) when held
  • Very affectionate and loving
  • Quiet voice
  • Easily trained
  • Playful (fetch is a favourite game)

The Ragdoll is an irresistibly huggable cat, growing exceptionally large and heavy, with neutered males potentially reaching 20 pounds or more, and spayed females about 5 pounds less. Full maturity of size and colour are not to be expected for at least three years. Ragdolls are renowned for their gorgeous, large, slightly oval, blue eyes and their plush, silky, non-matting fur which flows into a luxurious ruff and ends in a fluffy, fat tail. Best of all, they are a low to medium shedding type of cat, which means minimum maintenance!

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